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Atlas push to ‘slow the testing down’ tracks with dramatic decline in one key state

Shortly after joining the White House as President Donald Trump’s pandemic adviser, Dr. Scott Atlas launched a quiet effort that seemed counterintuitive to some of his colleagues — encouraging officials to limit Covid-19 testing mainly to people experiencing symptoms. Atlas, a neuroradiologist, not an infectious disease expert, strongly supported a decision in August to revise federal guidelines to…MORE

Biden and Trump head to Florida for dueling rallies in battleground state

The battle for Florida is at the forefront of the presidential race Thursday as President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden hold dueling rallies in the marquee swing state. Trump is set to hold a 1:30 p.m. ET rally in Tampa, part of a crucial swing region in Florida. At the same time, Biden…MORE

The NFL is confronting racism, but are Black quarterbacks continuing to be stereotyped?

To his frustration, they talked about Patrick Mahomes’ arm rather than his decision making as if brawn somehow mattered more than brain. Despite monetary success and awards, Black quarterbacks, past and present, say they still face an uphill battle against prejudice, especially when entering the league. For quarterbacks who threw for more than 3,000 yards…MORE

What we can learn from 1918’s deadly second wave

In the deadly fall wave of the 1918 flu pandemic, millions of people were doomed because they didn’t know what we know now about how viruses and respiratory illnesses spread. We might face a similar fate if some people continue to ignore what a century of scientific progress and hindsight have taught us about ending…MORE

Texas landowners facing coronavirus pandemic and land seizures for border wall

Within the last six months, as the coronavirus pandemic gripped the US, the Trump administration filed 75 lawsuits to seize private land along the US-Mexico border for the border wall, according to data reviewed by CNN from the Texas Civil Rights Project. In the final days of the presidential election, President Donald Trump, along with…MORE


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